A truly family business with over 30 years experience

The Dunbar Group was founded by George Dunbar, the
current managing director, in 1978 with the establishment
of G. Dunbar & Sons (Builders) Limited.

This company originally set out to design and build a range
of high quality housing from low cost starter homes to luxury
and executive houses for the private residential market.

Finding success at this, G. Dunbar & Sons (Builders) Ltd. grew over the next ten years before taking on the opportunity to diversify into the development of industrial, commercial and
retail properties. Some of these properties were developed
for sale to individual clients, while the majority were retained
by the company. 

This led to the setting up of Dunbar Management Investments Limited, a company whose role is to manage these investment properties on behalf of G. Dunbar & Sons (Builders) Ltd.,
and allow that firm to continue house building under the
Dunbar Homes banner.

Skills & Expertise
With many years of experience in the Building Industry,
George Dunbar and his team are a dedicated team of professional and skilled workers that ensure quality properties
are designed, constructed and managed to the highest
standard of workmanship. Being involved with every step
of the process means that care and attention is given to
the last detail to guarantee the very best job possible.

National House Builders Council
Dunhaven Homes Ltd is a registered NHBC Member.